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Life after graduation

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

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It’s been exactly one year today, since I graduated with my first degree. It’s amazing how time flies. I honestly forget I’ve graduated sometimes, I guess that is because I’ll be heading off to school soon. It is well.

With that being said, I know there are so many people who overthink ‘life after graduation’; I would know, I was that graduate. Like every normal person, I wanted the best paying job right off school, I wasn’t really focused on what the job will be per say, I was searching based on the hourly pay. I wanted to be independent, make money, handle bills, sort myself out. Prior to graduation, I already had 2 jobs as a sales associate (part-time) but I wanted more; something different. I wanted a 9-5 (lol… I know nobody really wants that these days) anyway, I applied to a bunch of full-time jobs that I knew damn well did not relate to the degree I was about to get and I was not qualified for either; but I was hoping and praying for a miracle because the pay for these jobs were good.

Two weeks before graduation, I had only received a few callbacks from those jobs and after interviews, I realized I didn’t really want to be working there in the first place. Now realizing this, was a breakthrough for me; I literally sat back and asked myself what and where I wanted to be in 10 years. Answering this question helped me put things in perspective and I stopped focusing on the pay. My focus in finding a job now was how it’ll affect me in the future.

I started my current job a week after graduation. With my degree, I expected my pay to be a lot better (above minimum wage). I had to submit my transcript to the Education Board, for them to assess my credits to be an Early Childhood Educator. By now, you must know I didn’t have enough credits. I was going to be earning minimum wage for a full-time job, I was so hurt. I kept beating myself up about it; saying things like ‘Minimum wage is for part timers’ ‘I’m trying to be independent, that can’t work on a minimum wage salary’. As if I wasn’t going through enough, I had some people telling me how they were earning $20 - $25 per hour, how they had an hour paid break as well.

Nobody can blame me for what happens next; ….. I went to apply to this very place that paid this much and I did get the job a week later, Lord knows I was ready to quit my current job and start at this new place, Now you would think that my previous epiphany about my goal in 10 years would keep me in check. I had a meeting with the manager of the department I was going to work at. He told me my shift was going to be 7pm to 1 am, It is safe to say I laughed and told him that the job wasn’t for me. I continued at my job as an E.C.E, took courses to increase my level which led to much more money and then months later, the government made a 4% increase in our pay.


Do I wish I worked at the other job? Hell na….. eventually they let everyone go and moved their business to another country, that’s how I would have been left jobless, which isn’t good for my status at the moment.

This is my story, at least a part of it. To 2019 graduates and graduates to come, follow your heart. I know for most of us, it’s easy to chase the money without thinking of your goal. But remember it makes no sense working at a fish farm for 2 years making a lot of money, while your goal is to be a lawyer. Follow a path that teaches you something about your future (that’s my opinion).

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did writing it. Lots of love,


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