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2023 Year In Review

Long time no check-in! How are you? How was your year?

Welcome to our once-a-year update/check-in! It has been a very busy year - the stretch, the growth, the pain, the joy, the laughter. This has truly been my best year yet and judging by how it started, I never could have seen it wrap up this way. I started writing this post from a café in Manchester, England on a rainy Christmas night, with a lightness in my heart that I didn't feel a year ago. Let's dive in!

Weekends are for brunch!!

The usual flow of the wrap-ups are month-to-month but I think we can switch it up this year (I'm also travelling and I don't have my milestone calendar with me). I started the year out in the Maritimes with Breakthrough and Restoration as my words for the year.

I could go on about how important it is to set a theme(s) for the year, I share this in previous Year In Review posts - please check those out and read examples of entering your year intentionally and with Christ as your cornerstone.

So many 'unknowns' from where we left off last year. I've been in therapy for a full year. One of the best decisions I made for myself this year. I've become more aware of myself, my village, my strength, my weakness, my power, my love, my pain and most importantly my Father. I went through some of the most intense emotions at the start of the year, juggling life, internship and a new job. I found solace in therapy and my eGroup. Never underestimate the power of talking things through and journaling, I reckon that these help you feel lighter and unburdened.

Mountains and milestones - I completed my dietetic internship in July and had my graduation ceremony in October. As you know, this was a milestone I prayed for and I had to make sacrifices that broke and rebuilt me in the best way. This season showed me that I can do whatever I set my heart out to do - working and being in practicum full-time was never easy but I was surrounded by so much support from work, friends, family, church, and therapy.

In hindsight, it feels like I cushioned myself from having a breakdown. I was in pilates two to three times a week, had a spa day bi-monthly, had biweekly Chiro and massage visits, and I continued bubble tea Fridays (please don't I created a routine with activities that made me happy, I continued to travel and had friends visit which gave me a much-needed break from reality. Blissful experiences with even better memories.

In the past few years, I have learned the true meaning of friendship - this year I experienced it full throttle. I re-connected with old friends and watched my friends rise to support me without even being asked. They showed up on several occasions and made space for me to vent, laugh, cry, dream and even have doubts. It was also important for me to intentionally set out time and space for them and be the friend that I want others to be to me. I know now that I lucked out on the most amazing people in my life who grew in number and quality this year and I'm excited to journey with them into 2024.


On August 13th, 2023, I made the most important decision of my life to dedicate my life to Christ and to be raised to life in Him. This moment was a merge of the words that I had set out for the year - breakthrough and restoration. I felt free, revived, renewed, purposeful, and had much-needed clarity. I went through a lot of seasons this year and through those I found myself. I am more assertive, more audacious, and more daring because of this heavenly confidence, surety and assurance that I have in Christ.

Now, I do believe that 'delulu is the best solulu' because it 'do be working'. I'm a working Clinical Dietitian, still rocking FIGS and Crocs as a #healthcarebaddie. I hit major milestones as a communications girlie in the non-profit sector and I get to show up as a healthcare professional in a way that feels right to me.

If you're an O.G., you're probably wondering about Sonola Sweets and RIRO (formerly Mane Experience) - I had to take a back seat on running these as I figured out my new rhythm and juggled life. However, we are back online in 2024 and I'm going to need all your support to truly 'stand on business' as we re-launch. Many big things have been planned on paper and I'm excited to get to work and bring them to fruition.

I have been at the airport many times this year - visited 4 countries and 4 provinces in Canada. I have travel guides on my to-do list for 2024 (if nobody pressures me... I will forget oo). My highlights are of course the two new places I visited - Cuba and the United Kingdom. I had a tropical summer getaway and I'm currently in my British bag, enjoying afternoon tea and Christmas markets. I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel and do so comfortably without any worry.

The pouting hasn't stopped

Oh! Just a teeny update I also became a Canadian citizen. I said goodbye to my permanent resident status in September and hello to citizenship. Yes, I'm excited about less hassle when travelling and visa-free destinations. However, I am most excited about the sense of belonging and freedom this brings. I no longer feel trapped and I look forward to spending so much time with my family in 2024.


What else? I attended a ton of events this year - the GTA perks have increased and rubbed off on me. I worshiped with Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation Worship, Ministers Nathaniel Bassey and Dunsin Oyekan, Travis Greene, Naomi Raine, and more. I got to see Beyoncé, Davido and the Jo Bros in concert. The biggest honour was being in the same room as Michelle Obama!!


Alrighty, I think that's a good summary of what my year has been like. I have laughed the hardest, praised the loudest, danced the most, cried a ton, eaten a lot and lived my absolute best! My words for 2024 are Thanksgiving and Overflow. This year, God did not just give me words, He gave me a Bible chapter - Psalms 45. As always, I never know how these will manifest but I am ready and excited because He gives perfect gifts and never misses.

In 2024, I'm looking forward to more trips, acing my national exam, surpassing my financial goals, standing on business, having the best time with the people I love the most (which is you!), continuing to serve, and living in gratitude.

Happy New Year my loves!

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